Zenna (69396)

Following a handsome artiste wanderer travelling across the galaxy, Zenna, another name 69396 in the NEH book 1, was a green-haired super beauty. Epics mentioned that she was one of the few rare beings that were able to control the ultimate power of our Universe, the Cosmic Might, to resist the spread of female misandrists, the Falconians.

Appearances: All NEH Books

Human / Female / 1.86m Tall

Meva (69394)

Appearances: All NEH Books

Human / Female / 1.84m Tall

Together with the handsome artiste, Meva, also named 69394 in the NEH book 1, was a redheaded goddess travelling across the galaxy. A galactic legend said she possessed an intrinsic power to overthrow many gynocentric societies, liberating men from misandrist tyranny including Falcon Empire, where listed her as number-one wanted in the danger list.

Yoshio (69395)

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

Human / Male / 1.88m Tall

Yoshio, a heartthrob artiste, a sax talent, also called 69395 in the NEH book 1, came to the planet Ises for a short stay during his galactic wanderings. With "Handsome" as his IFS nickname (galactic social networking), thousands of female fans adored him including Zenna and Meva, but they were the only two women willing to rescue him from misandrist harrassment.

Damea Femonus (Chief Chancellor)

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

Humanoid / Female / 1.94m Tall

A high social rank Damea, she was a mixed-race Isesian commonly known as a misandrist chief chancellor because of her female supermacy faith. She sacrificed her male comrades in an assassination of her party to avoid her deserved death, and she fled to Region 113 of planet Ises, where her misandrist comrade Colonel Weibus was controlling.

Damea Weibus (falcon Colonel)

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

Humanoid / Female / 2.19m Tall

A Damea as well, this former Falconian colonel became a dictatorial warlord controlling planet Ises after the fall of the Falcon Empire. Region 113 was her headquarters. She executed gynocentric mandates to reestablish female supremacy and incited misandry to exterminate male opposition she imagined.

Falcon Police

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

Humanoid mainly / Female / Avg. 2.0m Tall

They were specially trained, a better word "brainwashed", as the loyal security forces to maintain the gynocratic regime Falcon Empire and to suppress suspicious male beings and female dissidents. "Female supremacy means the sole justice" was their belief. 40,000 troops were under the command of Colonel Weibus.

Female Isesians

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

Various Beings / Female

Over 80% of female Isesians involved in commercial acitivities established for the marketplaces solely for females. The unjust local laws rejected male participants from a gynocentric monopoly that favored females especially women from Falcon Empire and Girlysh immigrants, the monopolistic trading experts. 


These galactic "conquerors", spread over 60% of the Triangulum Galaxy, were from the Girlysh-Rhiza system of the same galaxy. Ninety eight percents of the population were females and the rest were males. Their wealth and gynocentric faith earned them higher status when the Falconian era wickedly ruling the galaxy. 

Appearances: Various Episodes

Humanoid / Avg. 1.6m Tall