Planet Ises

The fourth planet in its planetary system. During the Falconian time, this reddish planet was divided into numerous autonomy to minimize the internation consolidation. However, Region 113 was the sole hegemony due to the strong economy brought by Girlysh immigrants. 

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

Diameter: ~20,000km 

Environment: Rocky Sand, Steamy Haze

Planetary System: Ises-Bolygok

Region 113

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

Galactic Territory: Andromeda, Milky Way (Our Galaxy), Triangulum And Their Satellite Galaxies. 

It was the largest trading metropolis of planet Ises but also the battelground between Falconian remnants and different groups of female supremacists once Falcon Empire collapsed. Colonel Weibus defeated all rivals and captured this region right after the three legends, Zenna, Meva and Yoshio, move to here less than a year ago. 


Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

5 Planets, 23 Moons.

Galaxy: Triangulum

18,000 Light Years from Galactic Center

A bi-star planetary system in the Triangulum Galaxy. It was a well-known intragalactic commodities trading spot, built by Girlysh immigrants, since the Falconian era. Native Isesians scattered throughout the system but the most influential inhabitants were from Region 113 of Planet Ises.

Triangulum (M33)

Appearances: Slaughter At The Silk Market

It is 3 million light years from our planet Earth. It was an outpost of Falcon Empire. Facilities like the largest prison, the biggest spaceyard were built in this galaxy. About 50% of male beings in Triangulum were "insurgents" against Falcon Empire due to the gynocentric rule enforced by female supremacists. 

Galaxy Type: Spiral

Diameter: 60,000 Light Years

No. of Stars: ~40 Billion

Falcon Empire

Appearances: All NEH Books

Population: 134,000

Location: Northern Hemisphere

Attractions: Red Silk Market

Founded by Andromedan female supremacists, named Falconians, they invaded other galaxies to extend their supreme gynocentrism and misandrist ideology. Earth had been one of the sufferring planets. Falcon (F.A.L.C.O.N.) was an abbreviation of a gigantic united gynocracy called "Femona And Ladies' Confederacy Of Nations".

Capital: Planet Virgona IV, Virgona System, Andromeda Galaxy

Origin of Gynosupremacist Divinity: Planet Femona (Virgona System)

Interstellar Friend Seeker (IFS)

This galactic social networking system, aka IFS, was invented by a 14-year-old spacetime-travel engineering genius. The coverage extended to the whole Milky Way Galaxy, some of the Andromeda and Triangulum Galaxy. A popular function called "Dimensions of One-Day Friendship" materialized an instant rendezvous to convert strangers into intimate friends, including the story of Zenna getting acquainted with Yoshio (IFS nickname "Handsome"). 

The Cosmic Might

Intelligent beings believed it was the inherent power, after the Big Bang or a multiverse collision, scattering over our Universe in the form of energy and matter. No one can controlled this ruinous power except a few beings with their inborn ability or extrinsic enlightment. Epics mentioned the chosen being demonstrated it through at least five supernatural abilities.

Andromeda (M31)

Galaxy Type: Spiral

Diameter: 260,000 Light Years

No. of Stars: ~1 Trillion

Appearances: All NEH Books

The birth of the gynocentric supremacism and the misandrist ideology. Such dark energy came from a tri-star planetary system called Virgona and its planets: Virgona IV, the capital planet of Falcon Empire, and Femona, the origin of gynosupremacism. Femonian infected galactic female beings with the wicked energy to unite them to establish a vile regime, Falcon Empire.