New Era Humans

The Multimedia Neo Sci-fi Series

The world first multimedia sci-fi in the digital era. New Era Humans (NEH) is a series of short novel eBooks with multimedia for narrative interactivity including text, CG illustrations, music, game and more. Let's call it a "neo sci-fi".


NEH is also possibly the world first socio-sci-fi that talks about specific topics of taboos and norms ignored by our human society--gynocentrism and misandry--especially mass media.

A look inside: New Era Humans sci-fi (Book 1)

Through the stories from different legends, readers would be enlightened with awareness of such problematic issues in human society, and you lead us to go with a bright road... 

Visual encyclopedia is available inside eBook! Check out the book 1 here: New Era Humans - Slaughter At The Silk Market.   


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